Adult Art workshops

Art Workshops for Adults

How are the art workshops different to the art classes?

The art workshops are short, quick techniques for you to explore to be able to work to a specific project on the day. Its also a taster to see if you would like to explore further with the regular art classes. The regular art classes work with a schedule to build your drawing and painting skills. It doesn't matter when you start because the course is tailored to adapt to your personal pace. Everyone faces the same drawing or painting program. When students complete a project they move to the next step so that they don't feel they have to wait for the group. The program supports students who prefer to work at a slower pace and not feel under pressure to keep up with the other 


How am I taught in an art workshop? I've had a bad experience before

The tutor is extremely knowledgable in the subject of the course. You are taught techniques through demonstration and explained why the techniques will help you achieve your outcome. This supports you to feel safe and achieve an outcome by the end of the session.

Do you teach in other areas or offer courses to other art groups?

Yes we do. If you would like your art group, class or students to receive classical techniques in drawing or painting of any subject or medium we offer this service. Whether it is for a holiday group or activity. For more information please email the college.