The 7 biggest mistakes that most practitioners make when wanting to introduce the arts within their practise assume they do;

  • Not find it necessary to understand technical drawing or painting
  • Not find it necessary to learn how to teach drawing or painting
  • not see how arts is about self expression which will not trigger past pain or hurt
  • not realise how arts only heals and does not open past trauma or hurt
  • not participate creating arts with their clients as they feel you must be talented or skilled to create or demonstrate the arts
  • not realise how arts do not develop important life skills or provide coping strategies
  • not find it necessary to learn the technical side and arts must be instant gratification and quick fix


Discover the introduction to arts psychology with our pre-course level 2 accreditation. This course will give you a clearer perspective into the depth of work, self reflection & the importance of understanding how technical drawing & painting is different to art therapy

Stage 1

Discover the 1st stage of training at level 3 accreditation focusing on building your technical drawing & painting skills through reflection to prepare you for quick & easy rapport building with clients within a classroom setting

Stage 2

Discover the 2nd stage of training giving you all the skills & tools to apply colour assessment with your clients, how to deliver teaching specific drawing & painting programs within a group & one to one as well as adapt the theory within your current therapy or counselling industry

Please watch our testimonial how arts psychology pre-course & Stage 1 can be used for personal development