With over 20 years of research and many case studies, our college delivers this program to individuals who have experienced traumatic experiences and life changes both small and huge. Few examples mentioned below. 

Types of places and people we have worked with:​

  • Children/Adults of all age groups
  • Abused children/adults
  • Terminal illnesses from: cancer, brain tumors, paralysis to wheel chair and special needs care
  • Team building within work places
  • Residential care /Dementia / Refugees
  • Divorce/separation/domestic abuse
  • Life stress/life experience or changes
  • Low self esteem/confidence
  • Adapting to cultural beliefs
  • Grief/bereavement
  • Supporting schools helping children learn creative ways to study
  • Individuals suffering from families with drug/alcohol abuse
  • Young offenders / social workers
  • suicide / depression 
  • Special needs adapting to education
  • Self harm/ early signs of anorexia
  • Miscarriage / still birth