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How To Build Your Child's Confidence & Self-esteem Course Overview

What Is Arts Psychology
Discover how we use arts psychology alongside other therapies, how the facilitator works with an individual by participating within an art classroom set up, how the facilitator uses the technical drawing process to help an individual process their emotions in an easy step by step method
Demonstration How Stress Starts
Discover how teaching a specific technique can allow your fears to surface from childhood, how to understand where fears have been taught to you from adult's actions, and how by easily changing the fear of not being able to achieve an outcome can create a different attitude towards your way of thinking
What Emotions Surface Drawing A Teddy Bear
Discover the emotions behind drawing (especially technically), the emotions behind drawing or painting without guidance, what you feel or fear from what you have experienced as a child, and how it can place blocks in you having confidence to accept or change your circumstances
Basic Routine Schedule
Discover where you can understand within your home exactly where to place activities to balance your child's brain, helping them to reduce stress, anxiety, fears and change within their behaviour, whilst you feel confident to know what your child needs to help them feel safe.
How To Create Destructive Activities
Discover how we use what we call 'destructive activities' to help your child relax, reduce stress, anxiety and are very simple and easy to introduce within your current home routine (without adding wasted time to your current busy life style)
Take a look at a testimonial we applied with one of our students, the impact and change they have experienced, how we adapted creative techniques to the individual (without having to always do art)
How To Come Up With Ideas
Here I give you all the simple and effective techniques to be able to come up with ideas to introduce activities within the home routine to balance out frustration, anxiety and adapt to your child's change in behaviour (without thinking you have to constantly spend money)
Questions & Answers
Some parents had some questions, listen and send in your questions at the end of the cours. Thank you for your time watching and working with us on this course