Arts Psychology

Art Psychology Parent Toolkit:

The complete toolkit to help parents understand where their fears and childhood experiences interferes with their own Child's personal and social development.

Learn how to change and work with processes that allow you to cope with the challenges of parenthood.

This is for parents who have enrolled their children into our art psychology program, parents who have done our workshops or for parents who would like tools to introduce into their home routine to know what to do when your child is hurting, as well as give your child coping strategies through school.

Parent Support & Resources

This page introduces parents to access interviews we have had with professionals who do various therapies that you might find useful.

Arts Psychology Parent Toolkit

Discover our dynamic program tried and tested successfully, now available online to know all our secrets & techniques to know what to do when your child is hurting, put in place quick and easy changes, support your child with trauma or change within the home or their lives

Parent Arts Psychology Support

Discover how we can provide support to parents with our one to one or online coaching programs. These programs give you tools & techniques to feel in control of your emotions, manage stress & discover insight to your personal triggers