Welcome parents.

This page is a place for you to access support & resources either through our arts psychology programs, interviews with outside specialists (which can be found within our arts psychology page), access to newsletters, information or photos of your children's artwork within the arts awards program, and free courses which may be of interest to you or your child.

If you child does not like art, we offer other creative packages to adjust to your child's personality & values.

Arts Psychology

Discover tools to know how to help your child when you feel you are not getting through to their change in behaviour, understand how to keep your child calm through school, tests, exams & give them coping strategies to know how to handle their circumstances

Free Courses

Discover courses both within our arts psychology programs or art programs for your child to access Resources & additional support

Parent Closed Group Access

Our parent portal. A place for parents to access information about their children, newsletters, arts awards updates & facebook access. Please ensure you have registered as a parent to have access to this section.

We educate parents about how to understand the theory of the brain in psychology as well as activities to balance the brain reducing stress & anxiety. We teach your child life long skills to adapt to their needs handling day to day routines. We connect with outside counsellors & other therapists encouraging discovery in therapy if your child or you as a parent need it.

Please watch an indepth video from one of the parents who attended one of our workshops.


  • How simple and effective techniques help you feel in control of your emotions
  • What to do when your child is hurting
  • Evidence of a case study of a child visiting a hospital