Children Arts Psychology


Welcome to the children's arts psychology page. A place for you to discover support for yourself as a parent (without having to do art) and support packages available to give your child the coping skills through the changes within their circumstances (without feeling they are initially in therapy)


Please watch our introduction video. We work with children who have experienced changes within their situations that are stressful or traumatic to them personally.

To find out if we can support your child, please contact us directly so that we can have a telephone conversation for you to see if we will be able to support your child.

Please remember that whether a 'stress' to a child may seem small to anyone else, it is still a 'stress' to a child which we do take very seriously with respect

Take a look at a testimonial video below from a parent who kindly gives more information about how arts psychology can help your child.

Arts Psychology Classes

Discover how regular arts psychology sessions will give your child the skills to grow confident within themselves, face changes within their lives and have coping strategies to feel confident to ask for support when they feel they need to (without feeling they are within a therapy session)

Arts Psychology Coaching 1-1

Discover how our 1-1 sessions provide a space for your child to feel safe. This option is available where your children feel they would like to initially have support individually without a group of children

Arts Psychology Parent Support

Discover our online parent toolkit and other options available, giving you the parent to feel confident when you feel you don't know what to do when your child is hurting. We provide a list of trusted professionals or coaching within our programs

Please watch our testimonial when we work with families experiencing divorce.

We work with the children to give strategies to cope through the changes by:

  • Providing arts psychology classroom settings
  • One to one coaching giving skills & tools to accept & cope through their changes
  • Work with the parents during consultations to provide strategies to continue within the home whilst the change is taking place
  • We are not here to judge parents & their choices. Our focus is to ensure your child's emotional development is respected throughout the changes within their lives

Please fill in our booking form and bring with you to the class or email

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