Adult Arts Psychology Workshops

 Arts Psychology Workshops

Attend our one or two day workshops giving you skills to discover:

  • Short, quick & easy techniques to introduce within your profession
  • Release personal stress & anxiety
  • How to create dynamic pieces of artwork (even when you think you cannot draw or paint)
  • Connect with like minded individuals
  • Learn where your personal triggers are influencing where you feel stuck (without having to share openly)
  • Personal development through fun & creativitiy

Arts Psychology workshops For Adults

Our programs have worked successfully within corporate & personal development industries delivering alongside the theory facilitators would like to provide. Some examples:

  • Teachers inset days
  • Corporate team building
  • Personal development within the corporate field
  • Selection process of manager & team staff
  • Team building within the care industries
  • Working alongside therapists & counsellors within their development programs
  • Students training within chosen therapy fields & have to seek therapy alongside their training
  • Students wishing to do our training within the arts psychology field can do a taster course before registering interest

For more information, please look at our applications page or contact the college.

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Take a look at one of our testimonials from a parent who attended our arts psychology weekend workshop. Here she could discover:

  • What is arts psychology
  • How you do not 'have' to be able to draw
  • How our research has been applied within many programs adapting to individuals, families and community set ups
  • Techniques to use within the home to understand your child and know what to do when they are hurting