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Thank you for searching for your drawing course. Please be aware that this course is part one of the foundation technical drawing program. Please read below how this course will help you develop and achieve skills technically


Welcome to our Foundation Technical drawing course with The Arts College. A course where you can learn all the foundation technical techniques that are no longer taught within college and university programs based on the French impressionistic principles.

We help children, young adults and adults develop their drawing and painting skills from the age of 5 years old (even if they think they cannot draw or paint), build confidence giving students the techniques to know what to do when they have made mistakes with their drawings and be able to draw any subject in dynamic proportion (without wasting  time in years and paying a fortune for a high quality professional drawing course which can be used to enhance your work industry (both creative/emotional and technical)

Through our research and case studies over 20 years we have discovered that being able to draw or paint is not a gift or skill, but how you are taught easy techniques to develop your love in drawing or painting.

The 3 biggest mistakes that schools and places that teach art are making is:

  1. Avoiding going back to the basics from our ‘old master painters’ who learnt a step by step method how to draw a subject in proportion. We are told from all our students they are told to ‘just draw what they see in front of them’
  2. Not teaching techniques to explore comfortably beyond your personal comfort zone
  3. Teachers limited access to knowledge in the importance how to draw and teach technical drawing skills and understanding the importance how art reduces stress, anxiety and mental health issues.

Our Arts College programs are constantly growing through change from learning what our students want to help them achieve their individual goals.

BBC News on the 18th Feb 2015 reported that Creativity and the arts are being squeezed out of schools. The Warwick commission on the future of cultural values, found that between 2003 and 2013 there was a 50% drop in GCSE entries for design and technology, 23% for drama and 25% for other craft-related subjects. Science shows art can do incredible things for your mind and body. based on a report from Gabe Bergado Dec 15 2014 on arts.mic

In the Foundation Technical Drawing Program, you will be receiving:

  1. Online classroom tips and techniques in drawing secrets revealed and never taught in schools
  2. Techniques to know how to start and finish your drawings
  3. Techniques to know what to do when you have made a mistake and how to fix it

All you need to do is register for the course, choose a simple payment plan and receive your course within the comfort of your home. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Facebook page for updates and email us for our newsletter for access to free courses . Please scroll down for payment plan options and to view the course schedule

Online Class Course Price List & Easy Payment Plan

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Online Payment Plan (For Children & Adults)

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Foundation Technical Drawing Course 1 Course Overview

• Discover restating of lines • How we use universal shapes in drawing • Develop your fine motor muscles • Teach your brain how to draw

• What is vignette • How to shade dark to light • How to create 3D shading without using light direction

• Applying vignette to bulbous shapes • Create illusion of shapes in front and behind • Apply vignette to identifiable shapes without light direction

• Techniques to prepare you for drawing in proportion • Learn principles applied to still life and subject drawing • Comparative measuring and angles in drawing

• 5 step formula to drawing still life successfully • Applying comparative measuring • Applying casual silhouette • Applying restating of lines • How to adapt to canvas size

• Applying triangulation to 2 dimensions • Applying still life techniques to an image • Practise the 5-step formula with a magazine image

• A quick observation technique • How to find negative spaces • Practising triangulation with negative spaces

• How to use the main triangle within a still life project • How to combine comparative measuring and the main triangle • How to observe the negative shape within a drawing

• How to apply still life rules to an identifiable cartoon image • Practise comparative measuring • Practise contour and inner lines

• How to use ovals with still life • Secret techniques when drawing ovals • How to handle cast shadows

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