Art Scolarship Submissions


Welcome to our art scholarship page. Please take a look at the options below. Please remember we offer bespoke programs. If what you are looking for is not below, please get in contact to find out how we may be of service


We support children, teenagers and young adults who are preparing portfolios to submit for scholarships.

We enrol them on a separate technical drawing program (this gives them all the basics to be able to do all category projects dynamically in proportion. The program is designed to submit exactly what is required for the scholarship submissions, without having to do too much homework - literally just the specific technique learnt in that lesson provided).

What will your child learn to draw technically in proportion with our foundation course:

  • All technical drawing skills in bulbous, 3 dimensional shading, triangulation, line work, perspective, still life & 2 dimension. These skills will be able to support your child to achieve:
  • Highly reflective projects - includes: glass, mirror reflection, windows, outdoor landscape water reflections, cars
  • Highly absorbant projeects - includes: teddy bear/soft fur, animals both long and short hair, facial hair, hair on people, landscape from grass to trees, drapery including interior & exterior design, fabric, dress design
  • Both absorbant & reflective - includes: statues, buildings, landscapes, dimension with people/anatomy
  • How to handle murals
  • How to handle cups/mugs especially the mastering of ovals
  • How to make images stand dynamically off the 'canvas'

we work within the deadline date of  submissions. So the amount of classes to complete per week within the program depends on your deadline. We always recommend spreading the lessons so that your child can have time for practise.

What type of support is offered & included:

  • Online
  • One To One

This includes:

  • 1 hour per lesson (within the classroom personal tutoring 1-1 or on skype if online. The online set up works a bit differently with regards to lesson plan structure - as homework needs to be send by post for demos)
  • Full lesson plan schedule (so you know what you working towards).
  • Constructive criticism
  • Professional feedback before putting artwork within portfolio Guidance on specific projects to do for homework for portfolio submission.
  • Access to online videos & unique student account to revisit techniques 
  • Free updates on new videos & techniques

What type of courses are recommended:

To build & submit your art portfolio Foundation to Drawing Skills Part 1 & 2 will give you everything you need initially

  • Foundation To Drawing skills part 1 (10 lessons)
  • Foundation To Drawing Skills part 2 (10 lessons)
  • Anatomy & Basic Portraiture (optional to develop later) - 10 lessons
  • Advanced Portraiture (optional to develop later) - 10 lessons

How Do I Pay For The Courses?

  • Each course is 10 lessons.
  • One off Fee for full foundation course - Part 1 & 2 (£500 plus 10% voucher towards next course)

·                     Deposit - £298

·                     4x instalments £50.50

  • Pay for each course separately (£30 per class - 10 lessons £250)

·                     Deposit - £150

·                     2x instalments £50

  • Easy pay off plan up to 5 instalments with a non refundable deposit (please ask for more details) (excludes postage)

The Arts awards is a separate qualification (from ages 5 to 25yrs old) through Trinity College to develop history and painting technique. As you can imagine to learn the painting technique is completely different to structure and technical drawing - hence you have to separate the two learning styles.

The basic fundamental course is 20 lessons in total with constructive feedback and access to the online drawing course for refresher and she would have life time access to it.

Please download the booking form & email back to us

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