College Portfolio Submissions


We receive so many requests from students who love art but are either loosing their motivation due to:

  • Not understanding what the teacher requires from them with their projects
  • Not undertanding how to draw a specific project or understand a technique because they are told to draw what they see.
  • Receiving low grades for their hard effort and not understanding why
  • Want to apply for a scolarship at universities or colleges but are not sure what portfolio to submit to ensure they are accepted.

Our programs are adaptable for you to access online or you can build your portfolio in the classroom.

Our structured programs give students: 

  • All the techniques to achieve their projects successfully in drawing or painting  in any medium or subject
  • Visual and guided tutoring to achieve specific outcomes in technical drawing & painting
  • Confidence to approach any drawing or painting subject
  • Support learners to put their porfolio's together based on specifics that are looked for when submitting applications for entry into further learning
  • Supporting programs whilst you are currently completing your A levels, college or university projects (please be aware that we look at what parts of your skills need to be developed and teach you these skills to achieve and complete your projects)
  • Turn your low grades into high grades

Our price plans are adaptable & flexible with a deposit and monthly debit payment plan. Please click on the options below for further information

Please scroll further down to have a look at the standard of the artwork in our gallery. Images are of students who have been beginner and advanced students.

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Terms And Conditions For Children

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Terms And Conditions For Parents

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