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  • How and where the Arts College was discovered within our history
  • Justine the founder, her training and research
  • How the college has evolved
  • Who we work alongside, the team, accredited and insured with
  • Our core values, tradition of diversity, how we want to expand our team and our future


Laura Wenman started her art school in Vredenburg, West Coast of Cape Town in 1998. She found that learners battled to grasp the understanding of drawing and painting, because learners were told to 'Look and draw', without understanding how to achieve proportion with an easy step by step technique approach. Laura started to discover techniques that would help learners understand what they were looking at before they had to draw, as well as successfully achieve proportion (without thinking they had to have talent to be able to do this). 

The techniques would evolve annually whilst adapt to the student’s level of understanding and personal values about the subject of Art. Any part that was presumed difficult was simplified and successfully achieved. Justine would revisit these techniques every year for 7 years before she could start teaching art classes with Laura. Justine started to evolve the drawing and painting technique program to be adaptable for children & learners with additional needs.

Laura Wenman is a well-established fine art teacher and has won multiple awards nationally and internationally with her artwork displayed in galleries in South Africa. She has taught advanced students who have become successful art teachers and beginner students who have become successful professional artists. Laura has many agents who represent her art and has sold to prestige clients all over the world including banks and art collectors.

You can read more about Laura Wenman here:


Justine set up the children's department, whilst starting the research program for the Arts Psychology in 2003. Justine moved to the UK in 2006 where she furthered her research in Arts Psychology, and has continued to evolve the program and research as well as now offer accredited training in Arts Psychology, through OCN London. You can download Justine's personal journey and find out more about her at the bottom of the page.


Justine worked at Laura Wenman's art school in Cape Town, South Africa and introduced Laura's technical drawing & painting program into the UK in July 2006  

They found that they could provide a niche market by introducing the classical fundamental drawing and painting rules in art.  

After working with many learners, they found that the fundamental skills had not carried into the current era and had been forgotten. 

Learners felt frustrated that they could not draw or paint before joining the programs because they felt they had to be talented in art, or attend many separate courses to achieve skills in a specific area (for example, landscapes or portraiture). This can be both costly and time wasting. Most art classes are set up for the learner to be told to look at a subject and draw.  This too, can be frustrating because the learner is not always shown clear & simple steps to achieve the result of the subject they are drawing/painting. Due to the success students achieve very quickly within the programs, the Arts College was set up as a limited company to be able to deliver training professionally. 

Justine started her research about Arts Psychology through teaching art classes to learners from all different walks of life. She discovered that she had all the qualified understanding in pure techniques in technical art and drawing, which opened the opportunity to understand the theory in how technical drawing and painting in art can balance the brain.

Justine started to go on her own personal develpment and studied her theory in play therapy techniques, EFT, psychology, psychotherapy which helped her put together programs looking at how the brain integrates emotions, thinking processes, as well as how the specific step by step technical knowledge in drawing and painting art links to balancing the brain.

Justine was invited to integrate her tutored programs since 2006 within settings from children's residential care homes, working with elderly in care, working with staff and their clients adapting to their additional needs, working within schools and with children, their families, working with individuals who had experienced extreme trauma, grief, bereavement and terminal illness (which are a few to mention)

The college provides Arts Awards Qualifications through Trinity College for children from the age of 5 to 25 years old, and is recognised through OCN London to deliver accredited training with various arts psychology programs.


The Laura Wenman art college still continues in Blouberg Cape Town. Justine set up the children's section, whilst starting the research program for the Arts Psychology tutoring. Justine decided to do adapt, trial test as well as evolve her research before accrediting her work through OCN London in July 2015. 

Justine offers regular children and adult technical drawing and painting art classes, support for children to build their portfolios to be accepted into their chosen college or university, recognised art qualifications through Arts Awards for ages from 5 to 25yrs old, online art courses, adapted programs for learners with additional needs, personal development programs for parents and adults in arts psychololgy (without having to always do art) and training in arts psychology tutoring within the UK.


We are currently processing our tutoring insurance through holistic insurance services & setting up specifically Arts Tutoring through BCMA Awarding body.



An international college creating opportunities to inspire, educate, develop and support individuals using simple arts psychology and ART techniques.

The Arts college believes that you do not have to have talent to be an artist or creative. Society overcomplicates industries and personal development. 

 Our philosophy is simple. Go back to basics and simplify what seems impossible.



The Arts College believes that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. 

The Arts College is committed to equality of opportunity and fair treatment of all its students and staff. The Arts college aims to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone, supporting all members to respect growing diversity. All students and staff will be treated equally on the grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion, or belief, sex, sexual orientation. The Arts college will make wherever possible adjustments if required for working productively with each individual with dignity and respect.  Supporting individuals with their own personal needs, and requirements. Individual’s personal beliefs, age, gender, physical abilities and family situations will always be treated with respect. This applies to staff, students and all clients. 

The Arts college respects any individual and organization that we work with. 



Based on our research we have set up our college to be a home from home environment. We have a 'class room' set up where children and adults can meet our dogs Lilly & Peanut. Justine runs the art classes and training programs. Justine has various team members who support the college. Claire from Love Luxury takes care of the running of the college. Emma from VA experts takes care of all the legal & support in accreditation. Justine has build trusting relationships with outside therapists & counsellors who she refers learners and clients to. These main contacts are within the training programs and parent or adult support.



We have seen the quick turn around our programs have had and the impact in both children & adults lives. We want to work with professionals who can share our skills within their current professions or join our team to give people adaptable skills using our methods 

Now that the Arts college is accredited through OCN, we can support learners and provide a form of accreditation for their investment in their learning.



Justine's History in Skills & Training

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Justine's history & childhood

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