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We help you discover the training and support you require in your chosen field of the arts.

Whether you want to nurture your inspired creativity or take art as a serious career, we can help you achieve your goals. 


The Arts College - Inspire, Educate, Develop & Support

At The Arts College you'll discover;

  • Distant learning courses in drawing and painting (without costing a fortune)
  • Training provided in Arts Psychology for individuals wanting to introduce art or combined arts into their current practice/or change their career
  • External support alongside your college/university program
  • Bespoke career development training
  • Arts psychology personal development retreats/classes
  • Arts workshops for adults and children
  • Support to inspire individuals who want to learn about the technical foundation in art 

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Have a look at our testimonials from students who have; Attended classes or completed our online adult & children art classes. Discovered our Arts Psychology workshops & training. Parents who have had successful results in our support programs.

The Development of Arts Psychology

Have a look at our testimonials from students who have; Attended our Arts Psychology workshops & training for both professional or personal development, & the development of how our research has been applied within government & school sectors.

About The College

Have a look at our journey from where we started, who we are, where we are going, as well as the history of the founder of the Arts College