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Mastering Drawing and Painting

Level up your ability with practical simple approaches to advanced concepts with Old Master Impressionist techniques (without wasting time)

At The Arts College you'll discover;

  • How to level up your drawing or painting ability at any stage from beginner to advanced
  • Simple, quick and easy techniques to save you time to draw & paint like a master
  • Laura Wenman (International artist and teacher's) foundational drawing & painting program
  • The art behind old famous masters in their drawing & painting careers
  • Online learning within the comfort of your home (without spending a fortune on art materials)

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About The College

Have a look at our journey from where we started, who we are, where we are going, as well as the history of the founder of the Arts College

Please watch this dynamic testimonial video from one of our students


This student is very inspiring. She started as a complete beginner and then started drawing and painting dynamic pieces of art works after 6 months of training with us!